Green Credentials


With today's ever changing climate, more and more self builders and developers are becoming aware of their impact on the environment. Timber frame plays a vital part in achieving a sustainable building solution and can make a positive impact on climate change.

Timber is non toxic, organic, and is the only reusable mainstream building material. Every single year more woodland is planted than actually used. HKT timber frame uses far less energy to produce th an a traditional brick house and produces 3-4 tonnes less of carbon dioxide throughout its build cycle.

You can use efflcient off site building methods meaning there is hardly any waste as any left over materials are simply reused into the next home rather than filling skips on the building site. You can even use recycled insulation.


Once one of HKT houses are built, the energy efficiency of our timber frame buildings carries on helping the earth.

Our timber frame homes provide a highly insulated shell with little unplanned air infiltration, this means the building will heat up much quicker and stay warmer for much longer.

Building a house using timber can reduce the energy needed for space heating by half. If every house built in the last 50 years was built to today's standard then 300 million tonnes of CO2 production would have been saved.

Once you bear in mind that even the most basic timber frame will exceed today's standard, the benefits on the environment and your pocket become impossible to ignore. The government is committed to make all new homes zero carbon from 2016.